Belmont Secondary School
(Google Maps)

A threat at a school in Langford circulating among students led to a brief investigation by RCMP Tuesday morning.

Westshore RCMP say that they were notified about a message making the rounds on social media that advised students not to attend classes at Belmont Secondary School on December 8th.

The messages went on to allege that there would be a school shooting, however the RCMP said there was no evidence to suggest this would occur.

Officers attended the school out of an abundance of caution and to investigate the source of the threat.

A representative for School District 62 says that the source of the threat was quickly located and there is no ongoing threat to students, staff or families.

“We have a safe schools team and they’re trained in things like this,” said Lindsay Vogan, Communications Manager with School District 62, in an interview with Victoria Buzz.

“They have a thorough action plan for when situations like this come up.”

The source of the threat has not yet been identified.

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