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Victoria hospitals are facing unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19; here’s how you can help


9 months ago, the world changed; and so did the challenges our healthcare system faces.

While frontline workers stepped up to become modern-day heroes in the face of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, increased pressures were put on hospitals and care facilities to handle an unexpected influx of patients.

With Vancouver Island’s aging and growing population, and COVID-19 putting additional pressure on our hospitals, there aren’t always enough critical care beds to go around; but the good news is, you can help.

Victoria Hospitals Foundation (VHF) is focused on raising money to support critical care expansion in our hospitals. VHF is a charity that works in partnership with Island Health to enable donations to every area of care at our very own Victoria General, Royal Jubilee and Gorge Road hospitals.

A whopping 40% of the equipment in these hospitals is funded by VHF donors, and allows hospitals and care teams to have resources sooner and more often than without donor support.

High Acuity Unit – an investment in critical care

Right now, Victoria Hospitals Foundation’s goal is to help expand critical care capacity at Royal Jubilee Hospital by 73%, by building the Island’s first permanent High Acuity Unit (HAU). The new unit will support the Island’s sickest patients and relieve pressure on the Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and Emergency Departments.

“As a frontline caregiver, this is the very best support we can ask for at this time and for the future. The HAU enables our hospitals and teams to be more nimble in response to critical care admission surges we might see during influenza season, in response to COVID-19, or potential mass casualty events,” says Dr. Omar Ahmad, Department Head, Emergency & Critical Care Medicine, Island Health

High Acuity Units (HAUs) provide an intermediate level of care with more monitoring than the acute care inpatient unit, but less than the ICU. High Acuity Units (HAUs) serve patients recovering from surgery, severe respiratory distress, or being treated for other serious medical conditions.

Without HAUs, the pressure placed on adjacent departments is heightened when our hospitals respond to threats like COVID-19.

VHF’s It’s Critical fundraising campaign will fund a permanent new 8 room High Acuity Unit for Royal Jubilee Hospital. A first on Vancouver Island and for Island Health. When It’s Critical launched in April, Island Health was the only health authority in BC without a High Acuity Unit.

The truth is, even outside of COVID-19, any of us, or our loved ones could need critical care at any time.

You can make a difference today. You can have a positive impact on local care teams, patients, and our hospitals with a donation to Victoria Hospitals Foundation. You’ll be joining over 2,300 community members who have already donated to support our hospitals via It’s Critical. There’s still over $2 million left to raise, and the Victoria Hospitals Foundation needs your help.

Your donation not only matters, it’s critical.

Click here to donate online today or call 250-519-1750.

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