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Victoria street featured in one of Taylor Swift’s music videos


A residential street in the scenic Fairfield neighbourhood of Victoria has been featured in an official Taylor Swift music video, released by the artist in July.

The discovery was originally made by redditors, in a post on the Taylor Swift subreddit forum.

Taylor Swift’s lyric video for her song ‘Betty’, which was released on July 23, 2020 in her surprise album Folklore, features a slow motion rolling shot of Brooke Street.

The video of the street repeats itself and Brooke Street Park is pictured to the right as the lyrics flash up on the screen to go along with the music.

The spotting couldn’t have been more timely, as Swift surprised her fans Thursday with the release of her second album in 2020.

“I’m elated to tell you that my 9th studio album, and folklore’s sister record, will be out tonight at midnight eastern. It’s called Evermore,” Swift said in a tweet.

Without further ado, here is the music video hyping up Swift fans all over Greater Victoria:

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