Dr. Bonnie Henry (Colin Smith Takes Pics)

The province’s top doctor announced on Thursday that restrictions on social gatherings and events have been extended until February 5th, 2021.

According to Dr. Bonnie Henry, the extension was determined in response to a rise in cases in recent days.

“Our curve is trending upward,” said Henry. “Now is our time to stay the course. We know what we need to do to bend that curve back down. We have been successful in doing that prior to this winter break, and we need to do that again.”

The restrictions were initially announced in the Lower Mainland on November 7th and were expanded province-wide two weeks later.

Masks were also mandated for all indoor public and retail spaces, while most indoor physical activities such as yoga or spin classes were suspended.

Dr. Henry says depending on the results over the next month, we could see further extensions, other restrictions, or a loosening of orders.

“We are closely monitoring our progress, and if further action is required we will take that,” she said.

“If we see positive trends in our cases and our hospitalizations, and we see a lessening of our impacts, we will monitor that as well. Right now, we need to hold the line.”

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