Westshore RCMP card
(West Shore RCMP)

It’s not terribly unusual for people to send thank-you cards to police officers, but it’s a bit rarer for it to come from a prisoner.

That’s exactly what happened at West Shore RCMP when a prisoner who stayed in their cells for a number of days sent a thank-you card to the detachment.

The RCMP posted a shot of the card to social media on Monday, from a prisoner who was held on undisclosed charges for a number of days in December.

The prisoner, whose identity has been undisclosed, thanked the RCMP for showing them kindness during their stay.

“I wanted to let you know that I appreciated how helpful and kind everyone was,” the card reads.

“Especially the 4 jailors who do a tough job and are often underappreciated by the people in their care.”

Constable Nancy Saggar says guards and watch commanders perform frequent checks on prisoners throughout their stay, so an amount of interaction is inevitable.

That said, Saggar says it’s definitely unusual for a prisoner to send a card.ide meals, hygiene essentials etc, so there is going to be interaction between the two.

“In my experience as a police officer most of the interactions I’ve had with individuals in our custody are cordial,” said Saggar in an email to Victoria Buzz.

“Of course you will get unhappy clients as well but I’d say the majority of people have calmed down by the time they are placed in a cell and the process has been explained to them.”

Police cells are only used for temporary prisoner holding before the court decides if they will be released or held. If the court denies release to a prisoner, the prisoner is transferred to provincial or federal jail.

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