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If you’ve spotted a familiar local celebrity gracing a few billboards while cruising along your morning commute, you’re not alone.

Vancouver Island’s own actress and activist Pamela Anderson has recently launched a campaign in support of the Rescue And Sanctuary for Threatened Animals (RASTA) in Chemainus and the vegan lifestyle.

The series of billboards in support of abandoned and abused animals have already begun appearing along the Pat Bay Highway on the Saanich Peninsula, as well as on three electronic displays along Highway 1 near Duncan.

Commuters will fill find Anderson featured alongside Zeus the turkey, Ella the cow and Eddie the steer, and special needs pig Pirate.

The message coupled with the images reads, “Compassion is always sexy, choose vegan.”

“The message ‘Compassion is Always Sexy’ compels viewers driving by to consider the way in which we view and love various species of animals in our society” said RASTA in a statement.

“We hope that this message will be able to reach a wide audience, and will draw support for the work the sanctuary does as we face new challenges during this unprecedented time of COVID-19.”

Anderson also recently provided funds and labour for the building of a new facility to house animals at RASTA’s sanctuary in Chemainus.

The organization described the barn as “rotting into the ground” and said it was becoming a safety concern for their animals. They also said it was of inadequate size for the number of animals they were trying to house.

The Ladysmith-born actor visited RASTA near the end of October and learned of the sanctuary’s struggles with construction costs and COVID-19.

On November 10th, Anderson returned to the sanctuary and personally struck the first blow in the demolition of the old barn, in a live video posted to RASTA’s Facebook page.


With files from Tim Ford.

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