Oak Bay Police are looking to identify the driver of a mini-van involved in a collision with a cyclist Saturday afternoon.

On January 23rd at about 3:30 p.m., Oak Bay Police were called to a crash involving a mini-van and cyclist at the south entrance to the Cattle Point parking lot.

According to police, a cyclist was travelling north-east on Beach Drive, followed by another cyclist.

The trailing cyclist indicated that an elderly driver in a beige colored mini-van headed southwest, turned into the Cattle Point parking lot from Beach Drive and in the process hit the leading cyclist as he passed in front of the parking lot entrance.

The cyclist was knocked from his bike and sustained injuries to his head and chest.

“Injuries at this time do not appear to be serious in nature,” Oak Bay Police said.

The elderly driver spoke with the trailing cyclist but then continued on his way and left the area without leaving his name or licence plate.

Police are hoping the driver of the van identifies himself and are looking to speak with witnesses.

Anyone with information on this incident or if you can identify the driver are asked to contact the Oak Bay Police at at 250-592-2424.

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