Are you or is someone you know about to bring a new human into the world?

If so, and in case you’re stuck with what to name the bundle of joy, let this list provide some inspiration!

Last week, the BC Vital Statistics Agency released its ranking of the top names for the 39,322 babies born in British Columbia between January 1st and December 17th, 2020.

Olivia once again has taken the lead for the most popular name for babies born this year followed by Liam, Oliver, Noah, Lucas, Emma, Theodore, Benjamin, Ethan and Charlotte.

For eight of the past nine years, Olivia has been among the favourite names for babies born in the province and also took the top spot last year followed by Oliver, Liam, Lucas, Ethan, Noah, William, Benjamin, Charlotte and Theodore.

The top boys’ names last year, in order, were:

1. Oliver (233 babies)

2. Liam (217)

3. Lucas (216)

4. Ethan (207)

5. Noah (200)

6. William (191)

7. Benjamin (181)

8. Theodore ( 171)

9. Leo (163)

10. Logan (156)

The top choices for baby girls were:

1. Olivia (263)

2. Charlotte (176)

3. Emma (167)

4. Ava (153)

5. Sophia (149)

6. Amelia (141)

7. Chloe (137)

8. Mia (136)

9. Isla (128)

10. Evelyn (122)


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