Three domestic flights heading to Victoria have been added to the BC Centre for Disease Control’s public exposures list.

All three of the lights originated in Calgary and were on WestJet or an affiliated airline.

The BCCDC lists passenger rows, where applicable, as an indicator of a higher risk due to proximity to the case.

The flights and their affected rows are:

  • WestJet flight 3235 on January 2nd | Rows 16 to 19
  • WestJet flight 449 on January 3rd | Rows 16 to 22
  • Delta/WestJet flight 6329/227 on January 3rd | Rows 10 to 16

All passengers on a domestic flight with a COVID-19 case should self-monitor for symptoms for 14 days.

Effective March 27th, the BCCDC is no longer notifying passengers on affected flights about potential exposures. The information on affected flights is posted publicly on the BCCDC website.

Domestic Flights

Domestic Flights Jan. 8

International Flights

International Flights Jan. 8

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