Happy woman

A Victoria-based company known for its masks has added a new product line for women.

Starting February 26th, the Kindness Factory will add reusable menstrual pads to their line up offerings.

“As we look to a future where masks are less commonplace, we have chosen to continue being kind to the planet by making other high-quality reusable products,” said CEO and Founder Karmen McNamara.

“Reusable pads seem like the perfect fit,” McNamara added.

McNamara says reusable pads are more comfortable than disposables and create significantly less waste. They’re also designed to last up to five years.

Pre-sales for the pads will open February 15th on the company’s website and will be available for single purchase or by subscription.

The Kindness Factory was founded in March 2020 in response to a community need for reusable masks and has since grown to 18 people: 1 founder, 3 employees, and 14 contractors.

The company offers contact-free pickup.

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