(The Kindness Factory)

We’ve all been there; you’re wearing your glasses, put your mask on, and are immediately rendered sightless again due to the inevitable fog-up of the lenses.

OR, your mask just won’t stay put, slips down over your nose, and maybe doesn’t even cover your whole face (we’re looking at you, bearded dudes).

But what if there was a solution to all of these annoyances that have become a part of our every day lives?

Enter: The Kindness Factory. Not only have they made mandatory mask-wearing fun with their endless array of funky prints, they’ve created a whole new line of XL masks which mean those with wider faces, beards and glasses can get the coverage they so sorely need.

Their new XL model is specially designed for a better fit and more comfort for those with wider faces and/or beards, while providing the same full coverage they’re famous for – check out the full line-up of prints here!

Also, strong nose wires on The Kindness Factory’s entire lineup of masks mean no more foggy glasses.

“So stoked that I found The Kindness Factory XL masks! They have the best fit and offer full coverage. They don’t feel too tight and the nose piece is vital for wearing with glasses. Definitely the most comfortable mask I’ve tried. Honestly, the XL masks are the best and the only ones I use. All totally truthful. I don’t wear any other masks!” – Michael R.

Let’s talk about what you’re putting on your face

Like it or not, we all need ’em; so why not express yourself while wearing them?

Victoria-owned and operated The Kindness Factory has created a line of cute and unique masks that are so much fun, you’ll want to grab one for every day of the week (or even every outfit!)

Not only that, but we’ve got an exclusive discount code for you at the end of this article; read below to find out more.

The Kindness Factory offers dozens of fun and funky print options in 3 sizes: kids, adult, and XL. They carry over 1500 in-stock masks, so most orders are ready the same day.

They offer pickup, delivery and worldwide shipping, and their pickup process is 100% contact-free to limit contact with the public.

Masks are the pleated (surgical) style, and include a nose wire, ear elastics, a filter pocket, and one disposable filter per mask.

All masks from The Kindness Factory have 3 layers: 2 layers of high quality quilting cotton and 1 non-woven filter.

Ready to stay safe and stylish? Head online to order your masks and use the exclusive VICBUZZJAN2021 for 15% off your entire order through January 31st!

Make sure to visit The Kindness Factory online to find your perfect printed mask, for you and the favourite people in your life.

And don’t forget to follow The Kindness Factory on Facebook and Instagram, so you’re in the loop when they release new fun prints.

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