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In 2020, the world was taken by storm by the COVID-19 pandemic; all walks of life were affected, some more than others.

For people with disabilities, finding employment can be challenging at the best of times. Fortunately, despite the pandemic, many opportunities in the job force have become available that may not have been before; and this is where Neil Squire’s Working Together comes in.

What’s Working Together?

The Working Together Program is a free employment program for persons with self-identified disabilities. It helps participants prepare for, obtain and maintain employment. It is a participant-centred program which uses blended learning to help individuals reach their personal employment related goals. They serve people with disabilities and their future employers, filling gaps in services and expertise until government and industry can directly pursue the benefits of a diverse society and workforce.

Working Together strives for economic and social inclusiveness for all people with disabilities, meaning they serve individuals with a range of disabilities and long term injuries.

Though COVID-19 has changed the way that some jobs operate, there are definitely still jobs available on Vancouver Island! Many companies have moved their entire operations to work remotely, which for some persons with disabilities, is a plus! Some services, such as delivery, have even seen an increase in jobs opportunities.

How do you join?

If you’re a business interested in hiring, Neil Squire can help you connect with qualified candidates.

Statistically, employees with disabilities show a 72% higher retention rate and are six times more likely to anticipate change that employees who don’t identify as having a disability.

The best part is, the Working Together program is completely free; participants are eligible if they have a self-declared disability, require assistance to gain or keep employment, are legally able to work in Canada.

For more info on Working Together or if you’re ready to register, you can email victoria.info@neilsquire.ca or call 250-634-4156 to get started.

You can learn more about all of Neil Squire’s programs on their website!

Working Together Victoria 

Contact: victoria.info@neilsquire.ca or call 250-634-4156

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