Monday, April 15, 2024

38 acres of greenspace near Jordie Lunn Bike Park donated to Langford


The City of Langford will officially receive 38.5 acres of forestland centrally located in the municipality.

The deal includes 3.5-acres that will connect to the newly constructed Jordie Lunn Bike Park, slated to open April 1st.

The remaining 35-acres located on the east side of West Shore Parkway will feature trail connections in residential areas providing wild open green space for residents. In addition to traditional activities, a section of the land could potentially feature a rock-climbing area.

The green space aligns with the Council’s vision and commitment to protecting green space for their residents.

The land is donated from Westhills Land Corporation as part of the Master Development Agreement between the city and the corporation, with the land to be protected in perpetuity for residents of Langford.

“Getting outside for recreational purposes and exercise has never been more important as we navigate these stressful and uncertain times,” says Langford Mayor Stew Young.

Located near Langford Lake, Irwin Ponds, Mount Wells Regional Park, City Centre Park and the Westhills YMCA, this new parkland will complement the many recreation opportunities offered at Westhills.” says Ryan McKenzie, manager of Westhills Land Corporation.

The next few months will see an extensive trail network and wayfinding plan for the lands.

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