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Let’s face it, life’s a little weird right now; technology was already in the forefront before the pandemic hit, but once it did, it almost became a necessity in life.

While many were forced to work from home unexpectedly, that came with a few challenges – remote work isn’t for the faint of heart, and while some thrived, some… struggled – with hilarious results.

Luckily, for those of us out there that are not certified tech gurus (where’s the ‘start menu’, again?), there’s help.

Enter Dial-A-Geek – a simple, affordable solution to all of your tech-related needs. From software to hardware and everything in between, remote and on-site, they’re the IT experts we all need in this current tech-heavy world. They even have 24/7 support – for those times when you’re indeed not a cat, and need to get that filter off your Zoom call.

Hold onto your coffee (please don’t spill it on the keyboard!) and take a look at these 7 technology fails:

1. “I’m here live, I’m not a cat”

Our first fail comes all of the way from southwest Texas, when a virtual courtoom came to an abrupt “paws” after a lawyer inadvertently appeared on screen as a computer-filter-generated cat.

The struggle was real as he attempted to remove the filter, which he was able to eventually, but with the help of Dial-A-Geek, he would have had the support to know what to do in this feline-related mishap.

2. That ever-elusive mute button

We know, it’s a big change working from home. And one of the most common things we’re hearing (literally) across social media is that finding that mute button is… hard.

With 24/7 support at your fingertips, Dial-A-Geek can help out with everything your coworkers need to hear – or not.

3. “Hold my juice dad, I’m going to make you famous”

It’s a live news broadcast, what could possibly go wrong? In one of the OG WFH fails, this interviewee clearly hasn’t learned to manage intruders (or interruptions) yet, and it’s even funnier that he didn’t stand up and walk the kids out – perhaps he still had his pajama pants on? Business on top, lounge wear on the bottom, that’s our Zoom motto.

4. Honey, I’m working.

Along with learning how to work that mute button, acquiring the skills to manage to turn off your video during a call is also a very valuable skill in today’s tech-based world.

For questions like these and more, check out Dial-A-Geek’s online Immediate Assistance.

5. Email help

Unfortunately, Dial-A-Geek can’t assist you with the actual writing and editing of your emails (we’re looking at you, John) but if you’re having any issues with security, Outlook, etc., they’re your people!

6. Cleanest employee wins?

Even if you’re not working from home, your office is most likely stocked with hand sanitizer and extra cleaning supplies.

These guys are dangerously close to some high-tech equipment during an all-out “sanitizer war”, but luckily it looks like it all came out unscathed.

Dial-A-Geek also offers full office support for your workplace, so whether you have 5 computers or 500, they can help you troubleshoot it all (just try not to get liquids on the expensive stuff!)

7. Internet… you need that


Bringing your whole work set-up home is A LOT, even for the most tech-savvy people.

From anti-viruses, to setting up your wifi, even recovering lost emails or documents (did I save that?!), Dial-A-Geek offers solutions for it all.


Established in 2003, Dial-A-Geek’s flagship Victoria branch has grown over the years to service the Saanich Peninsula and Greater Victoria Area.

Their focus is on providing state of the art IT solutions for small to medium sized businesses, professionals, and residential customers. They can offer everything from a simple, on site and on demand repair to a comprehensive and proactive outsourced IT solution for businesses and professionals.

To celebrate their 18th anniversary, Dial-A-Geek is offering is offering an exclusive promo where you can buy 5 hours of IT service get 6th free!

You can call Dial-A-Geek today and book a geek to come help you at 1-855-437-4335, or visit them online anytime for 24/7 support.

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