(The Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa)

A Victoria restaurant chain has confirmed that a staff member at one of their locations has tested positive for COVID-19.

10 Acres Restaurant & Farms confirmed that a dishwasher at their Sidney location has tested positive for the virus.

While the company operates several locations, this employee only worked at the Sidney location and had no contact with anyone from their downtown restaurants.

They said the employee last worked from February 18th to the 20th and is currently at home resting and recuperating.

Island Health requested three other staff members to self-isolate for 14-days but did allow the restaurant and cafe to remain open.

“When we asked Island Health about closing, they told us it was not necessary, there was no risk to the public and they are advising businesses in other low-risk situations to do the same,” the company said on Facebook.

“The reason those three must self-isolate, but no one else, is that Island Health says that there is the only risk is for those who work in close proximity, with “prolonged” close contact,” the post continues.

Island Health informed 10 Acres that the remaining staff would not be tested for COVID-19, at this time due to the low risk, unless that employee was showing symptoms.

“We want to stress that the risk to the public is almost zero, however, we wanted to be upfront and transparent with an issue that has caused everyone an incredible amount of hardship over the past 12 months.”

This is the second time the establishment has dealt with a COVID-19 exposure. An employee tested positive on August 25th of last year.

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