(McKenzie Shea Photography)

This past Family Day an Esquimalt couple were married in a phenomenal celebration that included a small ceremony in their living room and over 200 guests online.

Kandace Harry, 39, is battling terminal cancer and has spent the last year undergoing treatment including radical surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy.

The cancer was deemed terminal after her and her husband, Donnie Musgrove, 49, travelled to Tijuana in early 2021 while Kandace underwent immunotherapy.

The ceremony was donated by over a dozen wedding vendors, which included flowers, cake, the officiant, planners, décor, photographers, and videographers, at the behest of dressmaker, Lily Kennedy.

“I had Donnie on my Facebook, but I’d never met either Kandy or Donnie. When they returned from Tijuana I read the post where her cancer was terminal and she was given just weeks to live. I couldn’t stop thinking about them that entire day, and just decided that I would message Donnie and offer to plan a wedding for them,” said Lily.

This fall, Kandace was prepared for the “all clear” and a return to her regular life and work as a ready-mix truck driver. The cancer returned more intensely and in early November, her bladder, along with another tumour were removed.

The couple had been planning to get married since December 2019, and despite the troubles, have kept their spirits alive.

Kandace is currently in hospice.

“She is an upbeat lady with an infectious smile. Friends visit her and [despite her condition] she’s still able to put a smile on their face,” said Donnie.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help them through them and their family’s financial burdens.

“We’ve been lucky enough to have the GoFundMe page. We’ve blown through our savings and while Kandy has health benefits and there’s plenty of support for cancer research, there isn’t enough support for victims of cancer.”

The couple’s family consists of Kandace’s four children, ages 20, 19, 18, and 15, and Donnie’s four children, ages 29, 18, 12, and eight.

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