Parksville Beach Festival

A popular beach festival in Parksville has canceled for a second straight year due to COVID-19.

This year’s Parksville Beach Festival, scheduled to take place from mid-July to mid-August, will not take place due to health restrictions related to gatherings and events.

With an average of 122,000 annual event visitors over the past five years and the need for international travel, the Parksville Beach Festival Society Board President Cheryl Dill said “it was an obvious decision given the persistence of the pandemic.”

“Event planning begins well in advance and the rules around travel, gatherings and social distancing have not yet changed. The schedule for immunizations will not reach end goals until well after our event schedule for 2021”, said Dill.

The cancellation includes the sand sculpting competition and exhibition which sees international artists creating sand sculptures alongside Parksville’s beach in the community park.

Despite this, the festival society is proceeding with the construction of a new outdoor performance theatre for the summer concert series.

Organizers are also optimistic about returning to their regular events in 2022, including Parksville Beach Festival, and will begin planning this fall.

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