SkipTheDishes restaurant
Photo from SkipTheDishes

Skip the Dishes is passing the buck to British Columbians — one buck exactly.

The food delivery service says they have introduced a $1 temporary “B.C. Fee” for all users in the province.

A provincial order recently came into effect restricting the amount of fees that delivery services such as Uber Eats and Skip the Dishes can pass on to restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Skip the Dishes says that as long as this order is in place, their B.C. Fee will be too.

“This temporary fee will ensure we can continue our coverage across the province to drive orders to local restaurant partners, ensuring customers can order the food they love while providing earning opportunities for independently-contracted couriers,” the company said in a statement.

They added that this is the first time they have implemented a service fee on food orders. Skip the Dishes also says they have provided $43 million in commission rebates and order-driving initiatives back to Canadian partners.

When the province introduced its order in December capping delivery fees to restaurants, Minister of Public Safety Mike Farnworth said similar caps had been introduced in other jurisdictions.

“We expect the companies will be very mindful of the competition that they will be facing from each other, but also new entrants into the marketplace,” the Minister said.

“Consumers are not going to stand by and pay more than they feel is fair.”

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