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With the ongoing pandemic top of mind for many, the reality is, most getaways seem like a far-off dream.

But what if we were to tell you you could escape to many sought-after destinations, without leaving the comfort of your own city (or your bubble)?

Thanks to the all-new fully immersive Myriad Experience, you can.

The Myriad Experience is a 360-degree adventure designed to stimulate all of your senses; bringing you to new places, allowing you to participate in new experiences, and showing you the wonders of the world and beyond all from to comfort and safety of your own city.

Imagine you (and your loved ones) travelling through bustling downtown England, touring the canals of Italy or even adventuring through the hills of Vietnam; the sights and sounds of each unique destination delighting your senses.

The experience is being designed as a completely COVID-safe activity, with no shared equipment for the immersion, and scheduling of the immersion will only include private showings for the foreseeable future.

The full VIP Experience is $50 per person, and also includes special gifts and benefits offered throughout a walkthrough of the Myriad and Gallery Experience.

You can also get the Myriad Experience for $40 per person, which just includes the walkthrough and gallery, and simply just the gallery experience for $25 per person.

The exact location of the Myriad Experience is yet to be determined, but will be announced shortly! Until then, we will keep dreaming of the far away places we can soon visit from our very own Victoria…

The Myriad Experience

  • When: Opening in March – stay tuned!
  • Where: Location coming soon – keep your eyes peeled
  • To book: Book your spot online

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The Myriad Experience is patent pending.

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