Photo by Douglas Clement

After receiving a mix of reactions from their first proposal, The City of Victoria will bring forward three different design options for Clover Point this Thursday, February 25th.

A new proposal gives council three potential design and modification options for the construction of Clover Point Park.

The first two options would increase the pedestrian priority space and green space while decreasing vehicle access in Clover Park Point, while the third option would retain vehicle access as it is now.

Option A will create 3,600 metres of additional waterfront space for pedestrians. It will allow the complete separation of vehicles and pedestrians while providing 15 parking stalls.

Option A says it, “greatly enhances the recreational value of the green space” by eliminating moving vehicles.

The plan also says it will protect the environment and the wildlife in the Victoria Harbour Bird Sanctuary by removing vehicles and pollution from the areas adjacent to the waterfront.

Option B will create 2,400 square metres of additional waterfront space for pedestrians, provide 25 parking stalls, and provide direct vehicular access to the shoreline.

Option B’s “flexible design” will allow increasing the parking area on the existing pavement, if required.

Option C, not pictured, retains full access for vehicles to the southern end of the park until the long term park plan, including the Wastewater Treatment Plan, is developed.

Residents using mobility aids will benefit from using the loop roadway. Future park planning will consider features that support accessible recreation objectives to provide an inclusive space for people with a wide range of abilities.

This option will provide future opportunities for public engagement on the potential changes.

The popular Clover Point Park, a sight for storm watchers and kite flyers, has been getting a facelift for the better part of the year.

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