Monday, March 4, 2024

Chuck’s Burger Bar announces permanent closure after sexual assault allegations


Chuck’s Burger Bar announced on Monday that they are closing for good following multiple sexual assault allegations against a former employee.

The infamous restaurant located at 538 Yates Street has been the subject of much controversy since alleged incidents came to light.

Chuck’s Burger Bar’s storefront sign was taken down two weeks ago, and plastic coverings were seen on the restaurant’s tables and chairs.

Questions arose about the future of the downtown eatery when job openings were posted online looking for restaurant managers, servers, and cooks.

The job postings remain online, but according to the Chuck’s Burger Bar Instagram post, new owners have taken over the space.

The post also said Chuck’s Burger Bar was making a donation to the Pacific Centre Family Services Association, an organization helping those affected by sexual assault.

In their initial statement posted to social media regarding the allegations, which has since been removed, Chuck’s Burger Bar said they had been informed of the allegations and suspended the staff member in question.

After facing major backlash, the employee in question was later fired.

Hundreds of commenters slammed the restaurant’s statement in replies on the post, with many saying dozens of victims came forward and directly communicated with restaurant staff about the issue.

VicPD confirmed they are investigating the allegations and have confirmed that they have received several reports of sexual assaults.

“Many people have come forward with information requiring significant resources to properly respond. These investigations take time. Again, we thank those who have come forward to date and appreciate your patience,” VicPD said in a statement.

Victoria Buzz reached out to Chuck’s Burger Bar, but they were unavailable for any further comment.

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