(Ryan Henderson, Rick Dhaliwal and Don Taylor of 'The Team')

Two of BC’s sports broadcasting greats will be returning to the airwaves soon, with their very own show, no less.

Don Taylor and Rick Dhaliwal, formerly of Vancouver’s TSN 1040, have found a new home at Vancouver Island’s CHEK TV – and their brand new show dubbed ‘The Team’ will debut in April.

The pair were well-known in the Vancouver radio scene, where they had grown a loyal following until the unexpected collapse of the sports radio station TSN 1040.

Donnie and Dhali’s show will also be produced by another former 1040 employee, Ryan Henderson.

Taylor and Dhaliwal say the format of their show will be fast-paced, full of humour and not just hardcore sports fans – also a general audience.

“This is a sports variety show,” said Dhaliwal. “A lot of fun, a lot of anarchy, free-wheeling. It’s gonna be a great ride and an antidote to all the bad stuff going on right now.”

‘The Team’ will air live from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., Monday to Friday on CHEK TV, as well in a live and on-demand podcast format (available on Apple, Spotify, etc.).

Though CHEK’s studios are in Victoria, the program will be produced in Vancouver.

“We are delighted to be joining the team at CHEK,” said Don Taylor.

“When TSN 1040 closed, a lot of fans were very disappointed. And so were we.”

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