Two vehicles will be collecting dust for the next little while after police impounded them following the drivers being nabbed for racing excessively on the Pat Bay Highway Saturday night.

According to police, on March 20th, the drivers were caught going 125-130 km/h in the same area a motorist was caught going 178 km/h the weekend prior.

The Pat Bay Highway has a speed limit of 80 to 90 km/h.

In a statement regarding Distracted Driving month, BC RCMP Traffic Services Supt. Holly Turton said, “Fatal and serious collisions are completely preventable — keep your eyes on the road, hands on the wheel, and obey posted speed limits.”

The fine for excessive speeding in BC is $368 to $483.

According to provincial statistics, 114 people die, on average, in crashes involving high-risk driving.

On average, 78 people died last year in fatal collisions because of distracted driving contributing to 25% of car crash fatalities.

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