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Warning: This story contains detailed allegations of sexual assault that may be disturbing to some readers.


Two Victoria real estate agents have been fired following a woman’s allegations on social media that she was sexually assaulted by them.

Both men were employed at The Agency, a luxury real estate brokerage located on Yates Street in downtown Victoria.

Yesterday, The Agency released a statement saying that they were “aware of the very serious social media allegations” towards the two agents, and were “shocked and deeply disturbed by the accusations.”

As neither agent has been formally charged, Victoria Buzz will not be naming them at this time.

According to the initial post on the Instagram account “Survivor Stories Project”, both agents worked for another company, Engel & Volkers, at the time the assaults occurred.

The Survivor Stories Project shares anonymous reports of sexualized and domestic violence.

The initial post on the account calls the pair “Victoria predators,” and goes on to say that they are from “an affluent circle in Victoria and use their connections and ‘popularity’ to assault women.”

It then goes on to describe the allegations in detail, with the poster mentioning that the agents invited her to their real estate office at the time, pressuring her to do drugs and drink alcohol – and that she is not the only one that this has happened to.

“I don’t do cocaine so I’m fairly certain that they must have drugged my wine because I got significantly drunk in a quicker amount of time than I normally would,” the poster says, who remains anonymous.

She continues on the describe the alleged incident, saying she “blacked out a couple of times” and when she awoke one of the men was removing her pants.

She then goes into detail on how both men allegedly sexually assaulted her, and how she “woke up by the toilet alone” after getting violently ill – another reason why she believed she may have been drugged.

In a separate statement, The Agency said it had terminated its relationship with both agents effective immediately, and that they “stand in full support of women who have endured sexual abuse and we encourage anyone with information to come forward.”

It also came to light that one of the two men accused in the assault was a minority partner in The Local, a popular downtown restaurant, and it has since cut ties with the real estate agents.

“Our thoughts are first and foremost with the woman who has brought forward these allegations,” owner Jeremy Petzing said in a statement posted to Instagram.

“Since learning about the accusation we have severed ties with the persons involved. They will not be welcome at the Local or Farmhouse.”

Three more incidents have surfaced on the Survivor Stories Project Instagram account since the initial post, accusing each one of the men of separate instances of sexual assault.

There have been no charges laid in connection to these allegations, and Victoria Police say that though they are aware of the posts, no victims have come forward to make a formal report as of yet.

Police are asking anyone who wants to report sexualized violence to call their report desk at 250-995-7654, or report and access supports through the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre at 250-383-3232 or www.vsac.ca.

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