(Photo courtesy of VicPD)

A wanted man was arrested this week after he was found armed and unconscious on the Galloping Goose Regional Trail near the intersection of Bay Street and Tyee Road.

Leonard Michael Lecreux was wanted on multiple warrants based on VicPD investigations.

On the morning of March 17th, a VicPD officer arrived on scene and discovered Lecreux unconscious and holding a knife.

The officer disarmed the man and roused him, to which the man woke up and gave the officer a false name.

Lecreux attempted to flee but was arrested and, due to the nature of the report, transported to hospital.

He was not injured during the arrest.

The investigation continued and the officer discovered that the man had another person’s ID and bank cards, as well as stolen property and lock picks.

The man was released from hospital, transported back to VicPD cells, and fingerprinted.

That’s when his identity was confirmed as Leonard Michael Lecreux.

Lecreux was previously wanted on five warrants based on VicPD investigations for 17 different charges including fraud, possession of controlled substances, possession of other people’s identification documents, theft over $5000, theft of vehicle, possession of stolen property over $5000, possession of stolen property under $5000, fail to comply with conditions, and breach of court-ordered conditions.

Now, Lecreux faces six new charges related to obstruction, possession of stolen property, possession of break-in tools and breaching of court ordered conditions.

He also faces approximately 20 charges related to previous investigations and the execution of these warrants.

He is currently being held in custody until his next court appearance.