(Photo by Bruce Dean, Humans of Beacon Hill Park/Flickr)

As of Saturday May 1st, all-day camping in Victoria will be prohibited, mostly affecting people experiencing homelessness in areas like Beacon Hill Park.

The bylaw will return to pre-Covid guidelines, which allow campers to stay at select parks from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. every day.

In addition, the city also plans to amend the parks bylaw for Cecelia Ravine Park, Centennial Square, and Central Park, to prohibit camping at all times, including overnight.

The City of Victoria, along with BC Housing, has procured and offered housing to anyone who will be displaced by the order.

In March, the original deadline of April 1st was extended to May 1st, and now, Mayor Lisa Helps said moves will begin May 12th due to supply chain issues in the tiny home village.

Two buildings were acquired, and the Save-On-Foods Memorial Shelter was reactivated. On Thursday, the provincial government purchased a Victoria hotel to shelter nearly 100 people.

People sheltering outside who have not accepted temporary housing will be required to take down, pack up, and remove their tents and belongings daily by 7 a.m. until they do or risk a court injunction.

Those who have accepted temporary housing will not be required to pack up daily.

Since February, 114 people have moved inside from parks and other outdoor areas.

When the pandemic was declared last year, the city amended the parks regulation bylaw to allow people experiencing homelessness to remain in parks 24 hours a day.

*with files from Mike Kelly *

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