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Applications for “circuit breaker” grant are now open for BC-based businesses


Eligible bars, breweries, wineries, gyms and fitness centres can now apply for the “Circuit Breaker” business relief grant announced last week.

In a press conference on Thursday, the BC government announced a provincial relief grant of $50 million for roughly 14,000 BC businesses impacted by the new March 30th COVID-19 restrictions.

The grant will provide affected businesses with one-time funding to help with expenses like rent, insurance, employee wages, maintenance and utilities.

Eligible businesses will receive between $1,000 and $10,000 which can also help cover unexpected costs, such as the purchase of perishable goods, that resulted from COVID-19 restrictions.

The grant is open to eligible businesses of any size that have been in operation since February 2021. To be eligible, a business is required to:

  • confirm it has been affected by the recent provincial health orders;
  • provide electronic banking information;
  • confirm it is registered as a B.C. business;
  • produce a business validation document, such as a business licence, liquor licence, notice of assessment or lease agreement; and
  • confirm majority ownership and operations and payment of taxes in B.C.

How much money a business receives depends will depend on how many employees they have.

The funds have been reallocated from the $345-million small and medium-sized business recovery grant program announced in early February. 

Businesses that were closed or had their licences revoked due to provincial health order non-compliance will not be eligible for this grant.

Applications will remain open until June 4th, 2021, or until the grant funds are disbursed and can be applied for online.

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