(Photo provided by Google Maps)

A COVID-19 exposure alert has been issued on Vancouver Island for a middle school in the Victoria area. 

According to the Greater Victoria School District, students and staff at Arbutus Global Middle School, located at 2306 Edgelow Street, may have been exposed to COVID-19.

A statement on Twitter said the potential date of exposure was April 1st.

Island Health is completing contact tracing to identify any individuals that need to self-isolate or self-monitor for symptoms.

At the moment, there are nine ongoing exposure or cluster outbreaks in schools across Vancouver Island, visit here for more information

Island Health has removed the Lansdowne Middle, South Park, and Spectrum Community school outbreaks and clusters from their website.

Outbreaks, exposures, and clusters are removed after two weeks from their exposure dates. 

An ‘exposure’ is defined by Island Health as a single person with lab-confirmed COVID-19 infection who attended school during their infectious period.

A ‘cluster’ means two or more individuals with lab-confirmed COVID-19 infection attended school during their infectious period. These cases may be linked to school-based transmission.

Island Health says staff or students who see the exposure alert notice should not assume they have been exposed to the virus.

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