(Image / BC Ferries Twitter)

Thinking of leaving your health region in BC for leisure?

You may want to reconsider that.

During Monday’s live conference, Premier John Horgan announced those who are caught travelling outside of their health region for the next 5 weeks will be fined.

BC will eliminate travel bookings from outside the health area. “Do not try to book outside your area.” This will include travel from inside and outside BC.

Horgan said Minister Mike Farnworth will issue the orders Friday under B.C.’s Emergency Program Act.

“This will be conducted through random audits, not unlike roadside stops for a counterattack during the Christmas season. They will be susceptible to all travellers, not just a few travellers… there will be a fine if you are travelling outside of your area without a legitimate reason,” Horgan said.

People will be subject to random inspections and fines if they do not follow these rules, Horgan said. The amount of the fine has not been determined as of yet.

Starting on Friday, BC Ferries will no longer accept recreational vehicles that are travelling for leisure outside their health region. Bookings will be cancelled including trailers and campers.

Additionally, BC Ferries will not be putting extra sailings on for the May long weekend as they have in the past.

Signs will be installed along the Alberta border telling travellers to not travel into BC unless it is for essential travel.

Representatives from the tourism industry are helping to eliminate any travel bookings from people outside of the particular area.

“This is not the time to load up the Winnebago and travel around British Columbia,” Horgan said.

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