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Tax season is upon us and most BC residents will be filing their taxes by themselves with the help of a few apps.

A recent poll from Research Co. found that 52% of British Columbians intend to use apps or software during this fiscal year.

One-in-five (21%) will file their taxes through an accountant or a firm, while 13% plan to rely on a tax preparation company and 11% will file on their own.

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ā€œThe pandemic has not changed the way British Columbians file their taxes,ā€ said Mario Canseco, President of Research Co..

ā€œThere are minimal fluctuations when we compare this yearā€™s methods to what respondents did in 2020.ā€

The poll also measured how British Columbians feel about the provincial income tax (PST) and other taxes.

Almost three-in-five British Columbians (57%) say they dislike having to pay the PST, while 37% do not mind and 5% are not sure.

According to Research Co., half of BCā€™s residents believe that provincial income tax is too high, especially residents in Northern BC, while 41% believe it is adequate.

A higher proportion of the provinceā€™s residents think GST (51%), the federal income tax (55%) and PST (57%) is currently too high.


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We know this city. You should too. šŸ‘Š