UPDATE: The owner of the dog who attacked and killed another dog at Mount Doug Park Tuesday has turned himself into Saanich Police and is fully cooperating with Animal Control Officers.

“This file is still under investigation and as such, no further details will be released at this time. Thank you to the public and media partners for creating awareness of this incident,” Saanich Police said in a media release.

— original:

Saanich Police are looking to identify the owner of a dog who provided false information after their dog bit a person and attacked and killed their small dog.

The incident occurred around 7:15 p.m. on Tuesday, April 6th near the summit of
Mount Douglas Park.

According to Saanich Police, a small dog, which was on a leash with its owner, was mauled by a larger dog that was off-leash and not believed to be under the control of its owner.

The small dog, which suffered serious injuries, was rushed to a veterinary hospital but had to be put down. The owner of the dog was also bitten and sustained minor injuries.

Police released photos of the man who owned the large dog involved in the attack in hopes he will turn himself in or the public can help identify him.

The individual provided false information to the owner of the small dog.

Animal Control Officers are investigating the incident.

“We urge to come forward and speak to Animal Control Officers,” Saanich PD said in a media release.

Katie told Victoria Buzz her 11-year-old Pomeranian – whose name was Stogie – had injuries that were so extensive that she “had to make an incredibly hard decision to put him down.”

It was a really traumatic event that wound up not only with my dog dying, but also with me being injured and I simply want to prevent something like this from happening to anyone else,” said Katie.

10-year-old Stogie (Katie)

“Dogs, in any public place in Saanich, must be kept on a leash or under effective control at all times. There are certain locations in Saanich where dogs are restricted, or leashes are
mandatory,” said Saanich Police.

Anyone with information are asked to contact Saanich Police at 250-475-4321.

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