The Canadian Forces Snowbirds have announced that they will be conducting their spring training in the skies of the Comox Valley this May.

Look to the skies between May 4th and the 26th and you might be able to spot the iconic aerobatics team practicing for their upcoming season.

This marks a return after a tragic incident last year.

On May 17th 2020, in the midst of their cross-country tour aimed at boosting morale during the COVID-19 pandemic, tragedy struck when an engine failure caused by a bird strike killed one person and seriously injured another during their tour in Kamloops.

The plane was bound for Comox from Kamloops, however, the tour was cancelled while investigators determined the remaining planes were safe to fly.

Canadian Armed Forces member, Capt. Jennifer Casey, a public affairs officer from Halifax, was killed while another, Capt. Richard MacDougall, who was piloting the aircraft, sustained serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

The Snowbirds returned to air three months after the crash.

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