(MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre)

A trio of baby raccoons are recovering after being found wrapped in fiberglass insulation and dumped at the entrance to a park in Campbell River.

The three kits were taken to MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre where they will be cared for by staff and volunteers for the next months.

MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre tells Victoria Buzz the raccoons were pretty cold when found and the person who found them wrapped them in his sweater as he transported them to their facility.

Thank you so much to Al for warming them up and bringing them to MARS,” a post read on the MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre Facebook.

According to MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre, the cute little critters had likely been separated from their mom within the 12-hour frame of being found. They are doing well and adjusting to being bottle-fed.

“If you have unwanted raccoons nesting in your attic or shed please get in touch with us or your local rehabber for advice,” said the MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre post.

“While prevention is key, there are humane options for dealing with this situation and encouraging mom to take her babies elsewhere.” 

The raccoons will be released to their mother once they are much better off.

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