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Two Vancouver Island beaches among top beaches across Canada


Lonely Planet, the popular travel guide book publisher, has named two Vancouver Island beaches in their top ten beaches in Canada.

San Josef Bay near Port Hardy came in at #1, and Chesterman Beach in Tofino came in at #4.

The only other BC beach to make the list was Kitsilano in Vancouver which scored at #6.

It appears Lonely Planet based their decision on what unique offering each beach gives to its visitors.

San Josef Bay, known as the Best Wilderness Beach by Lonely Planet, is located in Cape Scott Provincial Park at the end of a 2.5 km trail that begins at the end of a 70 km logging road near Port Hardy.

It’s remote and it’s wild.

With crashing waves, lush foliage, and unique sea stacks,  this beach is isolated and encouraging for anyone who wants to camp in and take the scene in by night and day.

“Bring a tent and binoculars. You can camp right on the smooth sandy beach and the ‘bins’ will enhance your appreciation of the resident wildlife including eagles and ospreys,” said Lonely Planet.

Chesterman Beach in Tofino is known for its sandy beach and stellar surf which Lonely Planet recognized as the Best Beach for Surfing.

While there are many beaches that could take the cake, Chesterman Beach, according to Lonely Planet, ranked best among locals for its surf.

With its firm sand and its short ride from town, this beach is fun to cruise to and on.

Honourable mention for Best Urban Beach goes out to Kitsilano beach located in the heart of the city of Vancouver.

Other beaches include Stanhope Beach (#2) in Prince Edward Island; Wasaga Beach (#3) in Ontario; Parlee Beach (#5) in New Brunswick; Shallow Bay (#7) in Newfoundland; Annette Lake (#8) in Alberta; Plage de la Grande Échouerie (#9) in Québec; and Dunes Beach (#10) in Ontario.

While most of us can’t currently visit these beaches due to restrictions, check out Victoria Buzz’s top 5 Victoria beaches so you enjoy the sun and keep it small and local. 

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