(Screengrab / Victoria Harbourcats)

It’s not every day you see someone walking down the street with a stolen cat in their arms, but this was unfortunately the case on Monday afternoon.

In a post on social media, local baseball team the Victoria HarbourCats informed the public that one of their very own had been stolen – a neighbouring pet named Penelope, who they had dubbed their ‘honorary cat’.

Penelope apparently frequented the HarbourCats’ offices, near the area of Caledonia Avenue and Vancouver Street, and was often seen sitting on the fence in front of her property – the Flower Cart vendor on Vancouver.

As seen on the video below, the feline thief was well prepared – even bringing a leash and a cat carrier before taking Penelope off of her perch on the fence:

Posters have been put up around the neighbourhood in hopes that Penelope is returned home, and her owners – who run a flower cart business – have even offered up a flower reward.

(Victoria HarbourCats)

The HarbourCats are asking anyone with any info to contact chris@harbourcats.com and jvanhuizen@shaw.ca, or the Victoria Police under File number 16685.

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