(Western Speedway/CBRE)

Langford’s famed Western Speedway is already planning its return for the 2021 and 2022 seasons, but along with the comeback comes a brand new name.

Newly minted “Westshore Speedway” announced their imminent return on Friday, which follows the 81-acre property being purchased by a new owner in 2020.

Races have been given the green light to continue on-site until September of 2022, and the new owners of the property have offered the city $2.5 million to help find a new spot and rebuild the racecourse.

In a press release, Westshore Speedway said the name change is due to legal reasons.

According to the speedway, the previous owner’s lawyers informed them that the continued use of ‘Western Speedway’ would suggest an improper association with an existing business, Western Speedway 1966 Ltd., and could cause extensive financial damages as a result.

“Although we believe the support of the fans and racers over the years of the speedway have given meaning to the “Western Speedway” name, we have been given no choice but to change the operating name of the speedway in order to avoid litigation,” the statement says.

“Western Promotions would like to thank the community for their continued support,” reads the statement.

“Our goal is to continue to provide an excellent opportunity for family entertainment in the Westshore.”

As a result of the change, all of Westshore Speedway’s social media pages, websites, email addresses and company branding will be updated with the new name.

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