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7 Vancouver Island hosted podcasts worth checking out


Although podcasting has its roots all the way back into the 1980’s, the popularity of the audio platform has blown up in recent years. Whether you are interested in true crime, fiction stories, news or meditation, there seems to be a podcast on every topic and something for everyone today.

Vancouver Island is home to several podcasts hosts, many of which are introducing the world to our island and its people through their platform. 

If you want to get connected with some podcasts created right here on Vancouver Island, here are 7 podcasts to check out:

Stories Less Spoken

In each episode of ‘Stories Less Spoken’, two short stories written by Canadian artists are showcased and performed. The host, poet and former journalist Cole Kelly, hopes to bring the stories of Canadian writers to life through spoken word performance.

‘Stories Less Spoken’ can be found on Spotify and Apple Podcasts with new episodes airing twice a month. 

Social Locals

‘Social Locals’ aims to bring the Vancouver Island community together by interviewing local business owners and creatives to discuss how they got started, their path to success and their advice. The podcast is hosted by Karly Longridge, a Vancouver Island local herself.

‘Social Locals’ can be found on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, with new episodes airing every Monday. 

Pick Her Brain Podcast


‘Pick Her Brain’ is an advice and interview style show focusing on the topics of entrepreneurship and career. The podcast is hosted by university graduate, Paige Cey, recent winner of the BCBusiness 2021 Women of the Year Rising Star Award. Each podcast interviews a new woman in business to discuss their beginnings and amazing careers. 

‘Pick Her Brain’ can be found on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, with new episodes airing every Monday. 

Obstacle Course

John Langford and Andrew Close began their podcast ‘Obstacle Course’ in 2019. Since then, the podcast has interviewed everyday people who have overcome incredible adversity in hopes to learn from their stories and educate on how to embrace challenges. In August 2020, the duo spoke about mental health with the wife of local Vancouver Island man, Ben Kilmer, two years after his death. 

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‘Obstacle Course’ can be found on the Obstacle Course websiteSpotify and Apple Podcasts. Although the duo aired their final episode aired February 24th, there are still 85 past episodes to enjoy.

Island Crime 

‘Island Crime’, a true crime podcast, focuses each season on one crime story based on Vancouver Island. In Season 1, “Where is Lisa?”, the show explores the mystery of Lisa Marie Young’s disappearance. In season 2, “Gone Boys”, the show focuses on the recent mystery of missing Vancouver Island men. The show’s host is Laura Palmer, a former CBC producer, as she speaks with family members, criminologists, psychologists and more to uncover the truth.

‘Island Crime’ can be found on the Frequency Podcast Network website, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Be sure to catch up on the show’s first 2 seasons before season 3 is released this Fall!

Don’t Mind If We Do 

Chelsea Smith, the owner of Vintage Chic Portrait hopes to empower women through her photography and her new podcast ‘Dont Mind if We Do’, which she hosts with Robin Farrell. 

In the show, everyday women share stories and dive into deep topics over wine and coffee. Topics include fitness, co-parenting, online dating and everything in between. 

‘Dont Mind If We Do’ can be found on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Meet the Kramers 

In their podcast, ‘Meet the Kramers’, Vancouver Island residents Geri and Sarah Kramer discuss their 25 year marriage in relation to Geri’s coming out as a trans-woman.The podcast gives a personal look into the couple’s journeys through meeting, marriage and more.

‘Meet the Kramers’ can be found on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, with new episodes airing every Monday. 

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