Oak Bay police dog
Photo by Ray Bernoties

An assault in a park in Oak Bay over the long weekend led to a large police response and a brief pursuit followed by an arrest.

Oak Bay police say the incident began at about 6 p.m. Monday evening when witnesses heard a woman screaming in Bowker Creek Park.

A man was seen assaulting a woman, and residents called police.

The man fled on foot through several backyards, leading to a joint response from Oak Bay Police and West Shore RCMP, who responded with a police dog unit.

Officers found the suspect a short time later hiding on top of a shed. He was arrested without further incident.

Oak Bay police chief Ray Bernoties says he was in the area with his sons at the time of the incident and personally took part in the response.

Bernoties said in a tweet that he was actually barefoot when the pursuit began and multiple residents helped track the suspect down.

“Kudos to my boys for spotting fleeing male & Carol for finding victim who had fled (& calling 911)…and for bringing me running shoes as I was initially barefoot,” he tweeted Monday evening.

Charges against the man including assault are pending and police are still investigating.

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