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Get a COVID-19 fine, then you must pay the dime, or risk not being able to drive.

According to the province, people who leave COVID-19 fines unpaid will not be able to obtain or renew a BC’s driver’s license or vehicle insurance under a proposed legislation introduced on Wednesday.

If passed, the proposed amendments will extend “refuse to issue” (RTI) restrictions to fines issued under the Emergency Program Act and COVID-19 Related Measures Act, and be applied retroactively.

People with outstanding fines will receive notice of the RTI from ICBC ahead of their driver’s license expiry and vehicle license renewal.

These amendments will come into force on July 1st.

British Columbians will still have payment options available to them:
People with COVID-19 fines are able to request the court lower the fine if they lack the means to pay.

Repayment arrangements can be requested and will be considered by ICBC depending on financial and hardship needs.

RTI decisions can also be appealed to the superintendent of motor vehicles to be reviewed on any grounds including hardship.

The total amount of the 1,679 violation tickets processed by ICBC as of May 8th, is $1,179,980.

Only $172,825, or 14% of the total, have been paid so far.

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