(Victoria Buzz/Ryan Hook)

BC RCMP have begun enforcing the injunction at Fairy Creek by setting up a temporary access control area.

On April 1st, the BC Supreme Court granted an injunction to the Teal Jones Group, the logging company who intends to cut block Tree Farm Licence (TFL) 46 in the Fairy Creek area near Port Alberni.

Protestors have had blockades set up at the road leading to the cutblock since August 2020 and, recently, they filed a notice to appeal the court-ordered injunction.

According to the RCMP, plans for enforcement have been ongoing since the court injunction was granted.

The temporary access area will limit access for the period of time required to secure access for the Teal-Cedar Products and Teal-Jones Group to begin their operations.

Mounties have established a checkpoint at the McClure Forest Service Road, where the restricted-access zone begins.

Once the operations are complete, the temporary access control area will be removed.

Police said that all vehicles attempting to enter the area will be stopped and occupants will need to provide identification and state the purpose for their travel, subject to RCMP approval.

The temporary access area will permit journalists, lawyers practicing with the Law Society of BC, RCMP officers, hereditary or Elected Chiefs, and medical doctors to access the area.

According to RCMP, a designated space for protesters and other observers will be set up within the injunction area outside the access control area.

“This space will be suitably located to allow for peaceful, lawful and safe protest and be visible to employees of Teal-Cedar Products, their contractors, the police and media,” said the RCMP in a statement.

“The primary concerns of the police are public safety, police officer safety, and preservation of the right to peaceful, lawful and safe protest, within the terms set by the Supreme Court in the injunction.”

The RCMP said they intend to provide regular updates.

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