(Photo provided by Westshore RCMP)

Westshore RCMP seized three ounces of cocaine and $42,000 in cash from two residences in Saanich and Sooke on April 23rd.

Both search warrants were executed at the same time.

Saanich Police and the Greater Victoria Emergency Response Team (GVERT) assisted with the raid at a home on Barrington Road, while Sooke RCMP along with another group of ERT assisted at a home on Chase Road.

An additional eight long guns, multiple pieces of Hells Angels support gear, including two shirts and two hats, two pickup trucks, one automobile, and one Harley Davidson motorcycle were also seized during the raid.

The investigation is ongoing and criminal charges are being sought in this matter, according to Westshore RCMP.

“In a region like the CRD, with multiple city boundaries, there is a perception that you can move between police jurisdictions and that movement may protect you from police detection,” said Constable Massey.

Victoria Buzz contacted Westshore RCMP on whether the incidents are linked to the Hell’s Angels but they were unable to comment.

‘Support 81’ is Hells Angel merchandise — 81 is a metonym and stands for the 8th letter of the alphabet which is an ‘H,’ and the 1st letter of the alphabet which is an ‘A’.

The club only allows its own members to wear clothing printed with the words “Hells Angels” or the club’s “death’s head” logo, but the ‘Support81’ brand of the Hells Angels is typically bought at Hells Angels merchandise stores.

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