(Kyle Carter)

A loss prevention officer (LPO) at Hillside Shopping Centre who was taken to hospital with potentially life-threatening injuries on Tuesday evening has been released.

On Tuesday night, May 18th, VicPD responded to a report that an LPO was in a struggle with a theft suspect.

At the scene, officers learned that the security guard was stabbed while stopping a theft.

Photos and video from the scene show the incident occurred at Canadian Tire in Hillside Shopping Centre.

After the stabbing, the LPO recognized the extent of his injuries and applied a makeshift tourniquet on himself.

BC Emergency Health Service paramedics transported the victim to hospital with what police said were life-threatening injuries, where he received medical treatment and was later discharged.

The suspect was transported to VicPD cells where he was held in custody. The suspect faces recommended charges of assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm, and theft under $5,000.


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