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Have you ever been whale watching in Victoria?

We think it’s safe to say we’re pretty blessed with living in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and along with the Pacific Ocean and rugged coastlines comes a whole host of incredible marine wildlife.

Victoria also boasts the title of being one of the best places on earth to view whales in the wild; the nearby Juan de Fuca and Haro Straits are home to three resident orca (killer whale) pods.

With over 70 whales belonging to these families, transient orcas, and humpback whales – you’ll have a ton of opportunities for an encounter with these incredible creatures – and that’s where Orca Spirit Adventures comes in.

During peak viewing months, their success rate for spotting whales is an impressive 96% – and there is plenty of other local marine wildlife to take in along the ride.

The vessels

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Orca Spirit has two vessel options; the Zodiac, a 12-passenger, fast-paced ride on a safe ocean-going craft that’s a fun and different way to experience whale watching. You’ll be fully equipped with suits to protect you from the elements, but expect some salt-spray!

And they also have covered vessels that are perfect for those who like to travel comfortably and with convenience. They can hold from 1 – 170 passengers, and have washroom facilities as well as a tea and coffee service.

The covered option is best for larger groups (once allowable), and recommended for children, as kids 6 and under are unable to ride on the Zodiacs.

The wildlife

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Of course, there are whales, but Victoria’s local marine wildlife also includes Dall’s porpoises, Harbour porpoises, Stellar and California sea lions, harbour and elephant seals, otters and a variety of birds such as cormorants and bald eagles.

When it comes to the whales, though, there is a very good chance of sighting Humpback, Minke and Gray whales along with the typical Orcas.

Every Orca Spirit tour is led by a certified marine naturalist with deep knowledge of Vancouver Island’s marine wildlife, and they take special care to not only provide an educational experience to guests, but also respect the wildlife’s natural habitat.

Orca Spirit has always taken pride in practicing respectful whale watching by following strict guidelines around vessel speed, viewing distance, and radio and engine usage.

The hot-spots

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Victoria’s Inner Harbour

You’ve seen the inner harbour, but not like this!

A hub of activity day and night, the harbour is a base for ships, float planes and recreational boats. On one of Orca Spirit’s vessels, you’ll enjoy it from a different view, cruising through on the open water and leaving the bustling hub in your wake.

Race Rocks Eco-Reserve

Race Rocks is a designated Marine Protected Area, and to preserve its special ecosystem of plants, animals and biological diversity, access is restricted to scientific and educational purposes.

Orca Spirit’s vessels will cruise by at a safe distance and low speed to ensure that the wildlife is undisturbed, while still providing you with plenty of incredible photo ops!

Salish Sea

Almost 200 species of mammals and birds call the Salish Sea waterways surrounding southern Vancouver Island home, relying on its delicate marine ecosystem for food and habitat. From birds, to seals, to porpoises and of course, whales of all types, there is no shortage to feast your eyes on.

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On the fence about booking? While they can never guarantee a whale sighting in their natural habitat, Orca Spirit are confident that over 96% of the time in peak season months they will be able to show you whales in the wild!

This meaning that if the whale friends decide to play hide and seek and on the rare occasion you don’t get a sighting, between April 1st – October 31st, you’ll get a complimentary tour – weather and space permitting!

It will go by quick, so make sure you head to their website and book online before the end of October!

You can also use the code MAY2021 for 10% all Victoria whale watching tours for May long weekend (May 21st – May 24th).


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Whale watching gift certificate is valid from June 1st – October 31st.

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