VicPD cruiser
(courtesy VicPD)

VicPD arrested a man who assaulted a woman and her children in what is being described as a possible hate-motivated crime.

Shortly after 12 p.m., a non-uniformed VicPD officer, in civilian clothes, was driving in their personal vehicle when they noticed a shirtless man acting erratically in the 300-block of Quadra Street.

The shirtless man was yelling and aggressively posturing toward a man and his child who were able to move to a safe location where no one was physically harmed.

The suspect then headed towards Quadra Elementary School and the officer followed, calling uniformed officers to attend the scene.

VicPD reported that the suspect then obtained a broom handle and approached a woman walking with a stroller and her four children.

The man spat at the family, narrowly missing a child, and then yelled racial slurs regarding the family’s Asian ethnicity.

The non-uniformed officer intervened in the altercation, to which the suspect then damaged the officer’s vehicle.

Uniformed officers arrived and arrested the man moments later and he was transported to VicPD cells where he was held in custody.

He faces recommended charges of assault and mischief and the incident is being treated as a hate-motivated crime.

“British Columbia and North America have seen significant increases in hate-motivated crime towards Asian persons,” said VicPD in a statement.

“Thankfully we have not seen a similar significant increase in these crimes towards Asian members of our Victoria and Esquimalt communities.”

Anyone with information is asked to call VicPd at (250) 995-7654.

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