(Facebook Marketplace)

You truly never know what you’re going to find on Facebook Marketplace.

Between the ads for overpriced PlayStation 5s and the vintage cabinet of your grandma’s that you’ve been trying to sell for six months, it really can be a mixed bag.

But imagine our surprise when we stumbled upon a unique voodoo doll supposedly worth upwards of $450.

And not just any voodoo doll – one that has been created to reportedly resemble the Mayor of Victoria, Lisa Helps.

What the ad is lacking in description, the doll makes up for in its intricate design – complete with tulle tutu and teeth made of pearls.

The Marketplace ad simply reads, “You know you want it”, and the doll is listed for a whopping $457.

As of this publication, the listing is still active, so we are unsure if the doll has found a home yet.

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