A mascot for the Victoria Fish and Game Association has been deemed missing.

Otis (aka Waldo) is a domesticated white llama whose last confirmed sighting was two weeks ago, on Thursday, May 13th.

The renowned llama has been living on the gun range since 2015.

President Douglas Bancroft said it’s not uncommon for Otis to disappear for a few days, but this time is different.

“While him wandering away for a bit is not unusual, he hasn’t been returning for his food, and that’s quite unusual,” said Bancroft.

Ground searches have been conducted, as well as drone searches. Bancroft said that if he’s not found today they will implement a tracking dog familiar with Otis’s scent.

Bancroft said he and his son found Otis’ tracks in the back end of the range, as well as black bear tracks and scat.

Anyone who spots him is asked to call the Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association’s caretaker line at 250-858-8342 or send a message to the association’s Facebook page.

Since 2015, Otis has been the resident mascot of the Victoria Fish and Game Association, whose nickname ‘Waldo’ comes from the need of attendees, before firing, to remind themselves: ‘Where’s Waldo?’.

The Victoria Fish and Game Association was established by World War I veterans in 1919 during the Spanish flu.

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