Keilah Winkler is only nine years old but already making a big difference.

When her nana passed from cancer, Keilah’s world changed. The young girl was introduced to the disease and was shocked to learn that it was not only adults that it affects, but also children.

Keilah, who had been growing her hair for 5 years without a haircut, then made the selfless decision to shave her head in solidarity with those battling cancer.

After some discussion and research with her mother, Marina, Keilah decided to cut her long hair instead and donate the locks toward ‘‘Wigs for Kids’.

Every dollar donated to the volunteer-run charity goes directly into funding to make actual wigs for children who have suffered hair loss due to cancer treatment or other serious illnesses.

Donations to Wigs for Kids also helps families pay for medications and other essential, related costs that are not covered by medical plans.

On June 1st, Keilah put her plan into action.

In a brave moment documented by CTV, Keilah cut off 15 inches of her hair for donation. She also began a Fundraising Page with a goal of $250 toward the cause.

Keilah’s mother documented her daughter’s story on her personal Facebook page which was met with an incredible amount of support and admiration from the community.

However, Keilah’s selfless act and kindness was not met entirely with positivity. The next day at school, Keilah was bullied by many of her fellow classmates for her new hairstyle, causing her to return home in tears.

Keilah’s mom, outraged at the classmate’s response, updated the community on Facebook.

Soon, posts, messages, and donations began flooding in for Keilah. This progression of her story only fuelled the community support around her.

“We’ve always felt that she was special,” Keilah’s mother Marina said, “She has such a beautiful heart and her heart has always been for others.”

The outpour of community support boosted Keilah’s confidence to return to school, rocking a pink shirt for anti-bullying.

Since Keilah’s story aired and Facebook posts went viral, the fundraising page has exceeded its goal, with over $2200 in donations.

Victoria Buzz will be donating $250 toward Keilah’s Wigs for Kids Fundraising page, and encourages all of our readers to give what they can in support of the cause and Keilah.

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