(Andy McBain / Facebook)

If you were one of the many who took to social media yesterday trying to figure out why a woman on a scooter was blocking traffic, we believe we may have uncovered the mystery.

On Thursday afternoon, June 17th, traffic was congested in all directions at the intersection of Fort Street and Douglas Street.

According to VicPD, a woman in a motorized wheelchair was protesting in the middle of the intersection.

Reports are saying that the woman was protesting for the environment and against climate change.

According to reports, the woman refused to move and VicPD had to direct traffic for at least an hour.

In a tweet, VicPD said they were able to peacefully resolve the issue and the woman was moved from the roadway and checked over by paramedics.

Victoria Buzz has reached out to VicPD for more information.

(Brooklyn Taylor)


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