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Here we go, Langford!

Your dreams of a three dimensional universe could be coming true!

The City of Langford is considering installing a 3D…wait for it….wait for it….CROSSWALK.

A trial 3D crosswalk is being considered in the 2700-block of Peatt Road, between Goldstream and Brock Avenues.

But don’t worry, you won’t need special glasses to see it.

The 3D illusion of the crosswalk is created by enhancing shadow effects with paint to the white crosswalk bars you typically see at a crosswalk, also known as a ‘zebra’ crosswalk.

3D crosswalks actually originated in Great Britain where the traffic is high and the pedestrians galavant around often.

Now, they’ve been implemented throughout Europe, India, New Zealand and most recently in Montreal and Edmonton.

The City of Langford said studies on their effectiveness vary, but noted a 40% change in drivers’ behavior, dropping speeds to up to 15km.

The committee passed a motion to recommend that council install the crosswalk as a trial and bring results back to council within a year.

The crosswalk will cost $4,500 and would come from the neighbourhood improvement budget.

If all goes well, the 3D crosswalk would be maintained through the city’s operations budget.

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