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Warning: This story contains graphic details relating to sexual assault which
some readers may find upsetting.

A man accused of multiple sexual assault allegations at a downtown Victoria restaurant, which has since closed, has been arrested in Burnaby, on behalf of Hamilton Police.

41-year-old Jesse Chiavaroli, a former employee of the now closed Chuck’s Burger Bar, was arrested for six counts of sexual assault by the Burnaby RCMP on June 2nd.

The arrest comes after a lengthy investigation involving individuals linked to restaurants and bars in Hamilton.

He has been transported from Burnaby to Hamilton for a bail hearing.

According to police, Chiavaroli is a former resident of Niagara and Hamilton. He worked in the restaurant and bar industry in downtown St. Catharines and Niagara Falls from 2009 to 2015.

Investigators believe that there may be other victims in Ontario, and encourage any survivors to contact the Hamilton Police sexual assault unit at 905-540-5553.

Those living in the Niagara Region are asked to contact the Sexual Assualt Unit at 905-688-4111 extension: 1009450.

In early February, multiple sexual assault allegations were leveled online against Chiavaroli from both customers and employees in Victoria.

The website Survivor Stories Project posted 10 different detailed accounts accusing the former staff member at Chuck’s Burger Bar of rape and assault.

There are reportedly 35 women that have come forward with allegations of sexual assault against the restaurant worker.

In several of the accounts, individuals describe being encouraged, coerced, or even forced into intoxication with alcohol supplied by the staff member, sometimes while he was on duty.

Some of the accounts go on to say they were further coerced or forced into taking illicit substances such as cocaine.

They go on to describe the staff member forcing them into non-consensual sex acts, becoming violent and angry if refused, and in some cases raping them while unconscious or semiconscious.

“I vaguely remember him forcing my friend to do coke and getting angry when I refused,” one account says.

“I also remember him making out with me and pulling me into his bedroom and trying to push me towards his bed, while I was protesting the entire time. I believe he was under the impression that I was more intoxicated than I was.”

The restaurant later fired Chiavaroli after public pressure and closed for good in March. The former staff member denied the allegations.

As of this publication, Chiavaroli has not been charged in connection with any of the allegations made in Victoria.

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